WireGuard - the most stable VPN yet

There are two reasons I regularly use a VPN connection on my portable devices; to give myself some privacy when using untrusted networks and to get around network filtering or censorship when traveling abroad. I’ve recently settled on a new favourite, WireGuard. In this post I’ll take you through how to get set-up with your very own WireGuard VPN.

Server Timing Client-Side

Browser tools have come a long way in helping us debug the performance of web applications. They have been constrained by the fact that they can only display client-side performance metrics, leaving us to look elsewhere to gain an understanding of back-end performance. I recently came across the Server-Timing specification that allows developers to augment this with a limited set of server timing information.

OSX Terminal.app Ignoring $PATH Variable

Over the last couple of days I lost the ability to copy and paste from Vim using the macOS system clipboard. I hadn’t knowingly changed my Vim configuration and the only major change I’d made recently was to upgrade to macOS Catalina. This post points outlines how I resolved the issue and points the finger squarely and Full Disk Access on Catalina.

Learn Go: by Concatenating Strings

Joining strings is so common that many of us take it for granted. While working through the exercises in ‘The Go Programming Language’ book as part of the London Study Group, I wanted to understand the differences between the various approaches for joining strings. This is what I found.

Beyond the Tour

Last Wednesday I gave a talk at the London Gophers meet-up about life Beyond the Tour. This post includes the video and slides from the talk, but also looks at a couple of the doubts I had going in to the event. Were they justified?

Multi Architecture Docker Builds

Docker has had the ability to build multi-architecture images for a while. I’ve never had cause to use it, until now. In this post I’ll walk through building a docker image that should work on your laptop and a Raspberry Pi.

Go App Engine

Google recently announced an update to App Engine that brings support for the Go 1.11 runtime. This release also enables the deployment of standard Go applications on App Engine. In this post, I show you how.

How Expensive Is a Go Function Call?

I noticed that the recursive implementation of an algorithm performed slightly worse than its inline equivalent. I didn’t know whether I could attribute this overhead to the cost of the additional function calls needed in a recursive implementation. I set out to see if I could see behind the scenes of a Go function call.

Art in The Age of Computers

Art in The Age of Computers is a small display at the V&A Museum in London. I decided to try recreating one of the images by Georg Nees using Go. It’s simple a simple algorithm that produces beautiful results.

Go: HTTP Testing

For some reason, I have struggled to write testable HTTP APIs in Go. In this post, I explore the challenges with writing testable APIs by building an API that tells us whether someone is up in space right now.