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The best way to reach me is email. With the appeal of social networks waning, I’ve returned to an old favourite, email. I’ve been in touch with a few of you over recent weeks and found the exchanges to be far more personal, engaging and altogether human.

I can also be found on:

  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat


I’ve temporarily removed the ability to book slots in my diary whilst I navigate the return to work and settling children into new school and nursery. I’ll open them up again soon.

If you’d prefer to arrange a time for a Zoom call, use the links below.

  • 30 minutes with Bill (book)
  • 60 minutes with Bill (book)

Here are just some of the things I’ve enjoyed with people who have booked Zoom calls:

  • Langague Exchange
  • Coffee / Donut / Chat
  • CV Review
  • Pair Programming
  • Systems Architecture / Design

If you think I can help, or if you’d just like to chat. Grab a slot in my diary.