What am I up to now?

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Looking after a toddler (and a 5 yr old) is hard work, and it’s common to hear that you have no time for anything. I’m fortunate in that I’m finding I do have time, it’s just unpredictable and comes in very short stints but there is time there.

I have decided to accept my offer of continued employment as a Solutions Architect at Broadcom. I’ve yet to fully come to terms with the recent round of redundencies but things feel different already. If you are in need of engineers, solutions architects, or pre-sales leadership then I’d gladly put you in touch with ex-colleagues who are looking for work.

I’ve been making good progress on an iOS application which I hope to release shortly. It has been nice to get sucked in to code once again.


  • 💼 Looking at developer experience and productivity
  • 💼 Unpicking the FUD around Supply Chain security


  • 👨🏻‍💻 Building: A photographer’s notebook (iOS App)
  • 👨🏻‍💻 Building: a place to read Chinese (Web, https://cndb.io)
  • 📚 Reading: Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky
  • 🎓 Learning: to read Chinese


  • 🏠 Settling in to a new school is hard
  • 🌏 The global trend towards regional isolation
  • 💷 The complexity of Tax law


  • 🎞️ Analogue photography (see /photos/)
  • 📝 The joy of letter writing (Slowly)
  • 🎧 Deliberate music listening (see /music/)

Want to Learn

  • 📷 Photo editing - I recently installed Adobe Lightroom again
  • 🎹 Piano - progress has slowed with the introduction of position free playing