What am I up to now?

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  • The role of private equity in education
  • The divisive rhetoric of the UK government
  • The global trend towards regional isolation


  • The joy of letter writing (Slowly)
  • Discovering analogue photography (1 set of negatives to scan, 1 roll of film to develop)
  • Deliberate music listening

Want to Learn

  • Photo editing - I recently installed light room again
  • Piano - progress has slowed with the introduction of position free playing
  • Swift/SwiftUI - I have a couple of app idea I’d like to implement

Looking after a toddler (and a 5 yr old) is hard work, and it’s common to hear that you have no time for anything. I’m fortunate in that I’m finding I do have time, it’s just unpredictable and comes in very short stints. I might be able to grab 5 minutes here and there, half an hour at most. The only way I can work on anything else is to know exactly what I’m going to do next on any given project.