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This post is part of the Advent of Coffee series.

Day 2

GrowerGilberto Basilo
VarietyMundo Novo
ProcessPulped natural
Hints ofDark chocolate & cocoa nibs


Time: 11:40

Washed the filter, warmed the mug and prepared hot water. Water temperature was 95.6ºC. Measured 22g coffee and poured 25ml over the coffee to wet it. Waited 30s and pured over a further 260ml water, keeping the filter funnel about half full.


Smelling the coffee when wet I was again reminded of smells that would put me right off coffee. A mushroom scent mixed with damp wood was something I couldn’t shake. This scent was interesting in that I could only sense it at the back of my nose right at the top. It’s rare to have such a localised sense of smell.

Again the drink had a different smell, far more subtle. This was almost nutty with hints of cocoa.

In the mouth, the taste lingered far more than the El Tolú, getting stronger with time. Like the smell, the taste was localised to the top of my mouth (where I didn’t think we had taste buds). It is a darker roast with an almost chocolaty bitterness to it.