Buenos Aires

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This post is part of the Advent of Coffee series.

Day 7

NameBuenos Aires
GrowerJosé Ramón Collazos & María Del Rosario Ariza Coy
VarietyCaturra, Castillo
Hints ofRipe plum


Time: 12:00

Washed the filter, warmed the mug and prepared hot water. Water temperature was 94.4ºC. Measured 22g coffee and poured 50ml over the coffee to wet it. Waited 30s and pured over a further 250ml water, keeping the filter funnel about half full.


A very light smell, hints of apple and freshly sanded floorboards. It is entirely possible that recent floor sanding has clouded my sense of smell.

I identified this as a dark roast with a bitter cocoa taste to it. This is the first time I’ve been way off. This is actually a medium roast with hints of plum. Even as the coffee cooled, I still couldn’t detect the notes of plum. I’m sticking with my cocoa flavour this time.